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An Online Platform for Gaia Stories and Speculative Fabulations

This online story-sharing platform is created as a part of a series of provocations through storytelling, in relation to a final year thesis submission for Masters in Architecture Program at the University of Greenwich.

Stories exist everywhere - from advertisements to films to novels to rumors, and the ones that we choose to believe directly shape our actions and worldview. In our current times of environmental degradation, the stories that we tell ourselves and each other are more important than ever.

The thesis is titled 'Gaia Stories and Speculative Fabulations for a Multispecies Flourishing Future', and is written to investigate the impact and importance of storytelling in the face of our current ecological crisis. The works and assertions from biologist, philosopher and historian of sciences Donna Haraway were heavily discussed. In her book ‘Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene’, Haraway states her belief that we urgently require radical storytelling practices to alter our anthropocentric mindset, into one that embraces all human and nonhuman inhabitants on this earth. She calls for Gaia stories and speculative fabulations - stories that transform the way we position ourselves in nature, disclosing the message that we are a part of Gaia, to live-with and become-with Gaia. 

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Thesis Coordinator: Rahesh Ram

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